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Amy Munoz

Amy knows just what it is like to relocate, she has experienced this first hand, as a young girl and as an adult. She understands how difficult and stressful such transitions can be, and how important it is that you and your family find the right place to call home.


She is the daughter of a family in the construction industry and a licensed real estate agent. Amy graduated from Dublin City University with an Honors Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing.


In 2009 Amy moved back to the USA from Dublin, Ireland and began to work for The Irish Dairy Board, Ireland’s key exporter for Dairy products worldwide. Although she did not cut the cheese she sure did know how to sell it with a fast track promotion to Sales and Marketing Executive she gained additional responsibilities throughout the Southeast Region. Troubleshooting and resolving account issues, developing new business along with analyzing and researching her competitors are just some of her many skills she has acquired. Her exposure and experience has given her invaluable skills all of which she applies today in her Real Estate career at Coastal Real Estate Consultants.


In her spare time she would like say she enjoys soaking up the Florida rays but she would be lying. With her fair Irish skin working up a tan is not her strong suit, she simply goes chicken pink. However, she does enjoy photography, learning sign language, family time, traveling and a good cocktail.


Amy Munoz of Coastal Real Estate Consultants

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