Price - By far the most important metric in selling a home. Buyers are more educated than ever with resources like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com at their fingertips. This creates a very price sensitive clientele. There is nothing you or a real estate professional can do to sell your home if the home is overpriced. Due to more accessible information through technology, Carmax introduced “No-haggle” pricing in 1993. This same level of information is now available to home buyers through their phones, tablets and computers therefore real estate pricing strategies are quickly following suit.


Access - Qualified buyers are extremely valuable assets in the home selling procedure and being able to meet their busy schedules to visit and view your home is extremely important. The data shows that if you deny a qualified home buyer access at the time they originally request, 90% will not return at a different time.


MLS - The Multiple Listing Service is by far and away the most potent tool for marketing and selling a home. In fact, over 92% of homes sold nationwide were sold through this tool. The two main reasons for this tremendous success rate are the syndication it provides to other portals (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and homes.com to name a few) and more importantly it displays your property to other real estate agents who are currently working with qualified buyers.


Photos (Media) - Due to the fact that almost all sales are originally identified through some sort of digital media it is imperative to make sure that your home is portrayed in the best way possible. After all first impressions are everything! We use the newest and best technology available to capture the best representations of your home. We rely on professional photographs, virtual tours, virtual reality 3d, and, where applicable, aerial drone videos and images.


Responsiveness - Should we receive any constructive criticism of the home an expedient decision and implementation to address these criticism is imperative. More importantly, in today’s real estate world buyers are making decisions faster and more casually than ever. Many times qualified buyers have multiple homes that meet their criteria. When there is an interested buyer it is important to follow-up and respond to any inquiries they have immediately. It is imperative to respond immediately to any offers or counter offers.


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